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Thematic Action Hooks

‘Visualizing Thematic 4 You’ is online. There are still a lot of action hooks that need to be added, but I should have everything visualized until end of next week.

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How to install a Thematic Child Theme?

I know that this is an easy task for the most of you, but there are still enough people that are not familiar with Child Themes.

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How to test wp_nav_menu() with Thematic?

During the last weeks some people asked, how to test WordPress 3.0 and wp_nav_menu() with Thematic. Here’s a first answer.

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How to display all widget areas for a test?

If you work with Thematic for the first time, the most asked question will be, where are all these widget areas located?

You could go to the Widgets section in WP Admin and assign at least one widget to the 13 widget areas.

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How to remove widget areas from the backend?

You might want to remove a widget area from the backend, because it is not needed for your child theme. Or you don’t want a customer to mess with it.

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